I am an Assistant Professor in the Economics Department of Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. I obtained a PhD in Economics from CEMFI in 2023.

My research interests are in the fields of Political Economy and Economic Development.

You can find my CV here


📃 Brother Votes for Brother: The Effects of Pentecostal Political Influence in Brazil

Awarded LACEA’s Londoño Prize in 2023.
Media: uc3nomics (English); Nada es Gratis (Spanish).

Abstract Working Paper

Brother votes for brother: The effects of Pentecostal political influence in Brazil

📃 The Catholic Church and its effects on Redistributive Conflict in Brazil

Monica Martinez-Bravo, Daniela Solá and Guadalupe Tuñon


📃 Does crime increase support for far-right movements? The case of the favelas in Rio de Janeiro



Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

Applied Economics (undergraduate course)
Instructor | 2024 - present


Empirical Methods for Public Policy Evaluation (summer school course)
Teaching assistant for Professor Monica Martinez-Bravo | 2021

Labor Economics (graduate course)
Teaching assistant for Professor Jan Stuhler | 2020, 2021